Dry January – Nearly There

Only three more days to go, for the people who decided that what they wanted to do most of all, in the middle of a global pandemic (in the middle of winter, and just as Brexit started to hit home), was to stop drinking.

Four weeks of abstaining from intoxicating liquor. Four weeks of finding something else to do. Four weeks of taking control and making a difference. And now it all makes sense – at a time when we all have far less control over our lives than we’d like, taking control of one part of your life doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

A friend of mine invited me to join a group of people online who were doing Dry January – even though I didn’t know any of them apart from her, and even though I wasn’t doing Dry January. You need people like that in your life…

Every week, I’ve written a blog post charting their progress, their successes and their wobbles –

And here we are at the end of Week 4. It hasn’t all been plain sailing – there have been temptations, there have been wobbles – but slowly the benefits have started to manifest themselves.

So – how are they all feeling after four weeks off the pop? This is what they said –

  • Mental clarity, energy levels and fitness have all increased.
  • My skin is glowing
  • I’m sleeping well and waking refreshed.
  • My appetite for eating crap on a night has vanished.
  • I feel better about myself and the outlook for this year.
  • I’m mentally more focussed and do not have the tired weariness feeling anymore.
  • It has made me want to improve things in other areas of my life
  • I’m feeling less tired and feel an improvement to my energy levels and my skin looks better – the dark circles under my eyes are going!

And what happens next? Is that it now, they’ve proved they can do it, back on the booze on 1st February? Or will they carry on?

General consensus is that they’ll be continuing to go Dry into February and beyond!

As I said, I haven’t been doing Dry January myself – but my goodness, haven’t they done well. Lots of support, lots of advice, and lots of encouragement. Just brilliant.

I’ve taken huge inspiration from this to help with my own decision to drastically reduce the amount of sugar I eat. Thanks to them I’m aware of the times when I’m likely to want something sugary, and I’ve planned what to do when that happens. It’s all about taking control.

And to those out there who have decided that total abstinence isn’t for them – you gave it a go. Now you know you can do it, so you know you have the choice – to drink or not to drink. And that in itself is a success.

Watch out for a guest blog from my friend, charting her own personal journey and her relationship with alcohol. I’ll be publishing it at the end of the month, to coincide with the end of Dry January.

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